Eyethu Careers point’s mission in a nutshell:

To do what it can to enable disadvantaged young people of South Africa to access socio-economic justice.


Eyethu Careers Point (ECP) was established with the aim of addressing lack of career guidance in township high schools.  The founder of Eyethu, Sue Doyle, discovered that career guidance was preserved only for the “brighter” or “smarter” learners.  This, she discovered when she volunteered as a careers advisor in one of the township high schools in Cape Town.  The majority of the South African township schools have no career guidance except that briefly provided in the Life Orientation curriculum.  The problem though is that Life Orientation is not taken seriously in most schools, usually assigned to any teacher who has less work and often uninterested in the subject.  ECP sets out to help the young people through its workshops which help them to  gain the information necessary to make their decisions,  develop their employability skills and help them to plan their careers.  

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Working for the youth of the disadvantaged communities of South Africa