Eyethu Careers Point’s profile

ECP’s Mission:

Eyethu Careers Point  encourages  progressive implementation of socio-economic rights by facilitating access to meaningful economic and employment opportunities in order to restore a sense of self-worth for previously disadvantaged youth in South Africa

ECP’s Aim:

The aim of Eyethu Careers Point is to promote Inclusion, Equality and Empowerment of South African previously disadvantaged youth. 

The organisational objectives are:

  1. INCLUSION: Facilitate participation of young people in the realisation of their socioeconomic rights to work and quality education.
  2. EQUALITY: Engage the human rights duty bearers for the full realisation of all South African youth’s socioeconomic rights to work and education.
  3. EMPOWERMENT: Establish Equity Development Projects (EDP) for South African youth that are in Neither Employment, Education or Training.
  4. EMPOWERMENT: To mobilise resources for young people to develop entrepreneurship skills, employability skills and career development skills.
  5. EMPOWERMENT: Facilitate and encourage youth participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
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Working for the youth of the disadvantaged communities of South Africa