The Acorn Programme

ACORN is composed of a number of workshop sessions which focus on developing the following:

  • Awareness of the learners’ own self: his or her aptitudes, personalities and abilities
  • The communication skills required in tertiary education and in employment. Training in listening and speaking
  • Self confidence
  • Decision making: how to do the research, take into account all the information in regard to one’s own self before making crucial decisions
  • Regional and national Labour Market information: what are the skills needed by Cape Town and South Africa’s industry and organisations, and what are the opportunities
  • Enterpreneurship

The course is aimed at 12 learners (per term).    Its format is aimed at making the learner feel sufficiently at ease, allowing trust to build up between the Facilitator and the learner.

The sessions concerning Entrepreneurship are held during the 2 full days of camp during the holidays following the term in which the group participated in ACORN.  The second day of camp is concerned with a fun exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.  Certificates, incorporating the skills gained are  handed out at a final assembly.

Workshops to provide careers guidance and information for the young and unemployed in Cape Town's Townships