What is Eyethu Careers point’s mission in more depth?

ECP’s Mission is to encourage the progressive implementation of socio-economic rights by facilitating access to meaningful economic and employment opportunities in order to restore a sense of self-worth for all young South Africans


Mere charity is not a solution to SA’s problems of inequality, unemployment and poverty.  The solution is to ensure that the conditions that perpetuate inequality in the first place, i.e. unemployment and poverty are prevented.

With a post liberation disappointing economic performance, the country is still far from overcoming inequality and poverty.  Poverty, unemployment and crime have completely undermined people’s dignity.  Apartheid has had an enduring legacy and seems to be ruling from the grave.  The mere existence of rights is not enough but just a good start.  The state is duty bound to implement the human rights as enshrined in the SA Constitution and in other human rights international instruments to which South Africa is a signatory.


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Working for the youth of the disadvantaged communities of South Africa